President Trump spoke out about the black people being crushed to death by the police

President Trump on May 27 called George Floyd’s death “very sad and tragic,” he said “justice would be enforced” in the violence at the hands of police in Minnesota.
Floyd, 46, died on the evening of May 15 after being hit by a police knee on his neck for more than 8 minutes. The video shows Floyd pleading “no, don’t, I can’t”, before he died.

While in Florida to attend SpaceX’s spacecraft launch event (recently canceled), Mr. Trump told reporters about the incident, and said, “I’m very sad about this incident. A very, very sad job, ”according to NBC News.

When asked if the relevant police, already dismissed, need to be prosecuted, Mr. Trump replied: “We will review and there will be a report tomorrow when I come back, and I will have a full report. But this is a very sad day. ”

Video spread on social networks on May 25 showing the white police officer is pressing his knee on Mr. George Floyd’s neck. Mr. Floyd was later rushed to a medical center and died. Photo: AP.
The director of the Minneapolis police station, where the tragic incident occurred, told reporters on May 26 that he invited the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to join in because he “knew there could be signs of a breach.” civil equality rights ”. The constable who pinned Floyd’s neck was white, while he was black.
Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against violent police action. Photo: AP.

Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against violent police action. Photo: AP

Mr. Trump’s opponent in the upcoming election also voiced the immediate dismissal of the police involved, and said Floyd’s case was “a tragic reminder that this is not an isolated incident.” , which is part of a systematic spiral of injustice that persists in this country. “

“The life of George Floyd is as important, as important as mine, as is the life of anyone in this country,” Mr. Biden said.

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