Covid 19 – Information

Because of some of the effects of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic. MASWERKS is also affected in some of the following services:

  • Delivery time may be later than expected: Because of the blockade in some places on your delivery route, your package may arrive a few days later than expected, we will have the policy to accommodate promptly and promptly notify you if your package is affected.
  • Some places we can’t deliver: Due to the impact of the epidemic, some parts of the US and other countries are locked down and do not allow delivery, resulting in lost or returned packages In return, we will try to process it as quickly as possible and notify you of refund methods if any.
  • Price will not be affected: We always guarantee the items at the specified and listed prices. There will be no case of increasing product prices because of the epidemic.
  • You will not bear any additional costs because of the epidemic: We are committed to not collecting any costs from our customers other than your order. Take care of this.